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đź•ŠPeace for the Whole Brain and Body

Welcome to PeaceHaven  

PeaceHaven is a retreat center in Northwestern North Carolina serving police officers, educators, and students from a variety of different backgrounds. Informing the clients of tools that they can use themselves from Neurophysiology and Neuroscience as well as the Biology of the human body. PeaceHaven specializes in assisting with PTSD and other forms of mental difficulties, or learning challenges in school.

One of the first things Beckie or any of her trainers say is "My job is not to see you, but to train you."

PeaceHaven uses a variety of venues in Ashe County, depending on the number of clients served at a given time.

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Peace Haven Learning Center Mission Statement  

Peace Haven was founded by Julia Rogers in Crumpler, North Carolina, who began by training law enforcement officers’ skills and techniques from the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology that could save their lives when out in the field. For years, Peace Haven (now operated by Beckie Schwefel), has continued these practices, but expanded them to all people, regardless of age, skill, background, or employment, through whole brain learning. Peace Haven strives to teach how simple thoughts and movements can have profound effects on the mind’s ability to focus and develop in conjunction with the body, and to show how the mind and body are whole. Our mission is to develop all brains to be active and creative, and thus help all people improve spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

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