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đź•ŠPeaceHaven Learning Center

đź•ŠPeace for the Whole Brain and Body

Welcome to PeaceHaven  

PeaceHaven is a retreat center in Northwestern North Carolina training students of all ages, teachers, administrators, law enforcement, concerned citizens and anyone interested in learning about their very own nervous system and its wide intelligence. Informing clients of tools that they can use themselves from Neurophysiology and Neuroscience as well as the Biology of the human body. PeaceHaven specializes in assisting with PTSD and other forms of mental difficulties, or learning challenges in school.

One of the first things Beckie or any of her trainers say is "I love my job because we get to work together to grow your nervous system, teach it to settle, and have fun while doing it."

PeaceHaven uses a variety of venues in Ashe County, depending on the number of clients served at a given time.

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