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What Is Your Experience? Detail

I have worked with over 20,000 students in classrooms across the east coast. I have trained thousands of adults, mostly teachers, principals, administrators, and parents about basic physiology of the brain and body and movements that help to integrate the two. I have spoken at a variety of gatherings ranging from Title1 Conferences* to Eric Jensen's Brain Expo in Chicago. 


* Title I refers to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 the goal of which was to improve the academic achievement of the disadvantaged).

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How Much Does It Cost? Detail

I have a sliding scale so that all can participate. My basic fee for children is $55 and $65 for adults. The $55 fee for children includes a 45-60 minute session with a customized movement plan for the individual child. The $65 fee for adults includes the same. These prices are flexible according to income.

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What else do you do? Detail

Brain Gym is certainly my base, but I have studied many other movement therapies that are connected to developmental reflexes that complement Brain Gym nicely. I often times will also look at the kind of nutrition that one is getting in order to evaluate the whole person.

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How many sessions will I need? Detail

Since God designed each of us as individuals this answer always varies. I can say through experience that the participants who practice their movement plan at home are the ones that notice the most progress. I always tell people that my job is to not to continue seeing you. If I have done my job, then you have learned enough on your own to not need me. Maintenance is a good idea but frequent visits over a long period of time are not recommended.

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