What the Research says

Academic outcomes of using movement in the classroom

1. Improved auditory discrimination skills using Brain Gym activities versus the use of random movement in the classroom (Sifft & Khalsa).

2. Improved visual response time for struggling and non-struggling students (Sifft & Khalsa).

3. Improved reading, writing and math scores and academic performance with the use of Brain Gym movements and Dennison Laterality Repatterning activities (Twomey & Freeman).

4. Improved self-esteem and ability to focus on tasks (Hannaford).

5. Improved social and affective development among students with behavioral, attention and/or hyperactivity disorders (Hannaford).

Positive Impact on: Classroom climate, Student's self-esteem, Internal locus of control, and time spent on task.

Research compiled by Jami Guercia, M.A. (2003).

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