Quotable Quotes

From Research

Movement stimulates the brain for new learning (Hannaford, C.)

Movement assists in the formation of key developmental concepts such as standing, walking, vision and hearing, which are all related to academics (Hannaford, C.)

Touch anchors learning (Bailey, B.)

All learning is a sensory-motor event (Diamond, M.)

Up to 90% of vision occurs due to proprioception and touch (Jensen, E.)

Quotes compiled by Jami Guercia, M.A. (2003). Sources: Bailey, B. (2000), Conscious Discipline: 7 basic skills for brain smart classroom management. Diamond, M. (1985), The Human Brain Coloring Book. Hannaford, C. (1995), Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head. Jensen, E. (1998), Teaching with the brain in mind.

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