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Longhope Retreat Center

I use the Longhope Retreat Center for seminars, personal restoration, and whenever I want to reconnect with nature. Ron and Shari are close, personal friends and a great host and hostess.


The Longhope Retreat is a one of a kind, vacation rental lodge and retreat center located in the Blue Ridge Mountains between the Jeffersons & Boone, North Carolina. Hand crafted with local river rock and marble from around the world the lodge has been described as“magical, awesome, like an Old World villa and a masterpiece. Nestled in a hidden valley just below the two thousand acre Nature Conservancy Bluff Mountain Preserve and perched over crystal clear ponds and stream, the retreat is an oasis of natural beauty to be explored, inspired by and enjoyed.

Located just 25 minutes from Jefferson, West Jefferson and Boone, one can quickly reach all the amenities for which these destinations are known.

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The Hilbilly Geek

The webdesigner: a full service graphic design professional located in the mountains of Northwestern North Carolina.

Have laptop, will travel.


Web Design

Graphic and Logo Design


Sites starting at $500

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