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  đź•ŠPeaceHaven Learning Center : đź•ŠPeace for the Whole Brain and Body Testimonials: What Our Clients Say about PeaceHaven



Jill G.

I have known Beckie for several years, ever since she came and held a Brain Gym workshop at my school. As the art teacher, I was very intrigued how movement could help my students succeed in their “Core” classes. I have use the movements she taught me personally to help calm my nerves before I go on stage and I have shared them with countless students to help them focus on important tasks. More recently, I have used Beckie’s services as a mother and in my private life. After a session with Beckie, I feel more at peace and able to handle the stress that life throws at me. I have seen her get my children to focus when I thought that was impossible. I am a true believer that her techniques, when used consistently, can improve your general health and mental welfare.

Mar 28, 18/ Ric Kolseth/ Children/

Cherith C.

Brain Gym is so helpful! I have two boys and have included Brain Gym is my wellness care for them over the last 2 years. I was introduced to Brain Gym when I was pregnant with my second child and was amazed that as I did the movements, I felt the baby moving inside me, almost as if he was doing them with me. Since his birth, I have noticed that his coordination and ability to observe things around him is significantly higher than others his age.

My eldest did not have Brain Gym while in the womb but every session he has with Becky, I have seen his emotional and physical being stabilize and improve over time. Becky gives us homework so when we implement that at home, it continues to encourage his growth.

Becky has helped our family with so many Brain Gym movements. I highly recommend her and her work. I’m amazed at what the human body responds to with careful, easy, and intentional movements. I encourage anyone to include Brain Gym as part of their wellness and preventative routine.

Mar 18, 18/ Beckie/ Children/