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  đź•ŠPeaceHaven Learning Center : đź•ŠPeace for the Whole Brain and Body Testimonials: What Our Clients Say about PeaceHaven

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Millie B

Some years ago I was deeply grieving the loss of my mother along with enormous guilt and sadness that perhaps I had not done enough for her. Through Beckie's healing touch using techniques of Brain Gym, she literally saved my life and lifted the burden of grief and guilt. To describe how the techniques work would be like describing to someone who has never tasted a strawberry, the sweetness and flavor which would be impossible as one must experience it for oneself. So it is with Brain Gym, you must experience it for yourself. Whatever the reason, stress, illness, grief, etc, Brain Gym works. In another instance I was scheduled to have surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Two sessions with Beckie and I have never had any recurring issues!