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  đź•ŠPeaceHaven Learning Center : đź•ŠPeace for the Whole Brain and Body Testimonials: What Our Clients Say about PeaceHaven

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Erin H.

Whole Brain Learning has helped me in not just one area of my life, but rather I have seen a change holistically. Physically I have moved beyond pain that plagued me for over 15 years. I also am able to sleep soundly at night--something that evaded me for many years.

Mentally I am able to"be present" and to focus my mind on my task at hand as well as planning for the future with calm.

Emotionally I am able to navigate what formerly would have caused nervous tension and jittery feelings. I have been able to let go of anger that I have held on to for years and step-by-step move to a place of feeling peace and stability at my core.

I am thankful to have tools to help me as I work through the challenges of daily life--to feel that I have not been defeated by them, but can now go forward being grounded physically, mentally and emotionally.