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Introductions, workshops and Brain Gym Certification classes

Beckie Schwefel, a former public school teacher, licensed Educational Kinesthesiologist, and certified Brain Gym practitioner, is scheduling introductions, trainings, workshops and Brain Gym certification classes at various times throughout the year. Contact her via email or via the link below for the latest information.


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WholeBrain Learning

We believe that every child has the ability to learn. We believe that children are born with natural abilities that are not easily accessed due to a myriad of factors. We believe that every child deserves to reach his/her greatest potential. Medications and learning labels should be used only as a last resort.

Do you or anyone you know experience stress?

Do you or anyone you know have challenges with focus?

Do you know a student who struggles with reading, writing, or math skills?

Do you know anyone who has suffered a stroke?

Do you or anyone you know suffer from balance issues?

Do you or anyone you know experience highs and lows with emotion and have trouble with internal self regulation?

Do you or anyone you know struggle with sitting still?

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